Top Tips for Removing Underarm Stains

Here are some great "laundry day" tips for everyone here at your Delray Beach apartment community. Source: morgueFile

Don't discard clothing just because of a stubborn underarm stain. Use these effective tips to remove the stain when doing laundry at your apartment with washer and dryer included! The first step is to determine the nature of the stain. If it's yellowish and stiff, that indicates sweat. Greasy stains that are white or clear are usually from … [Read more...]

Choose the Best Leash for Walking Your Dog

Here are some tips for anyone who recently adopted a puppy or adult dog here at your Delray Beach apartment community. Source: EveryStockPhoto

While there are many types of leashes to choose from, the following three are recommended for safety and reliability. Bungee leashes - These leashes are often made of rubber tubing or some other stretchy material. They are designed to prevent damage to your pet's neck if he lunges or pulls on the leash. Bungee leashes will not replace good training … [Read more...]

Check Out Murder on the Beach for Your Next Mystery Novel

Murder on the Beach is having a session of their Authors Academy Workshops on exploring Facebook for Writers on Saturday, July 26th. Source: Facebook

Mysteries and whodunits make perfect summer reading. Stock up at Murder on the Beach, a book and entertainment store located at 273 Pineapple Grove Way. Murder on the Beach carries a great selection of new, used and collectible books. Whether your favorite is true crime, thrillers, horror or romance, you'll find it on their shelves. Throw a mystery party … [Read more...]

3 Best Moves to Get You Toned in the Fitness Center

Here are some excellent exercises that you can perform in the fantastic fitness center of our Delray Beach apartments.  Source: Facebook

A strong core improves your posture and all-over fitness. Tone your midsection with these moves at your Delray Beach apartment with a fitness center. Start with feet shoulder-width apart, arms extended out at shoulder level. Lunge your right leg out to the side while rotating your torso in the same direction. Shift your weight to the left leg, bending … [Read more...]

3 Great Ways to Enjoy a Summer Day

Here are some fun summer activities for everyone in Delray Beach. Source: MorgueFile

It's summertime, and there's no better place to be than your apartment in Delray Beach. It's the perfect starting point to enjoy these three great warm-weather activities. Picnics don't have to be reserved for special occasions like family reunions. Dining outdoors is one of the pleasures of summer. Make a point to have picnics as often as possible. … [Read more...]